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New Books
Damned if I duke
In a not so perfect world : a novel
The Foxhole Victory Tour
A love discovered
How we named the stars : a novel
Smoke Kings : a novel
The woman in the sable coat : a novel
Mrs. Gulliver : a novel
The messy life of Jane Tanner
River Mumma
The Irish matchmaker
Kill for me, kill for you
Pride and joy : a novel
Rabbit hole : a novel
A catered quilting bee
Little underworld
My beloved life : a novel
Hard girls
The Mars house : a novel
Henry and the something new
The cool bean makes a splash
We love our teacher!
Fox versus fox
If you want to ride a horse
Everyone gets a turn
Ready to soar
Turtle-Turtle and the wide, wide river
The book that can read your mind
Spider in the well
No cats in the library
No longer human
Ghost station
The watchers
The corpse in the closet
One of us knows : a thriller
Pay dirt
Close to death : a novel
Feline fatale
It had to be you
Tyrannosaurus rex
Simon sort of says