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New Books
The world needs more purple schools
Singing with elephants
The bladed faith
Mustique Island : a novel
Patience is a subtle thief : a novel
Mother ocean father nation : a novel
The scent of burnt flowers : a novel
The local : a legal thriller
The final strife : a novel
You have a friend in 10A
The Bangalore Detectives Club
Clause of death
Murder most grave
All the seas of the world
Six crystal princesses : a Xanth novel
Seasonal fears
The lunar housewife : a novel
After the lights go out
Neruda on the park : a novel
Aurora : a novel
Sleepwalk : a novel
The lifestyle
The Marlow Murder Club : a novel
For those who are lost : a novel
Privacy : a novel
Deep water
Jameela Green ruins everything
The self-made widow
We measure the earth with our bodies : a novel
Acts of service :  a novel
24 hours in Paris
Turn to me
Yoga pant nation : a novel
Queerly beloved : a novel
Cornbread & Poppy at the carnival
Every dog in the neighborhood
A seed grows
Old cowboys never die
Hidden pictures
The murder rule : a novel
One of us is dead
The lawless land
American shoes : a refugee