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Hello, Hanukkah!
The first Christmas
20 big trucks in the middle of Christmas
Fear no evil
The midnight lock
Autopsy : a Scarpetta novel
The becoming
Santa in the city
The grandmaster
Sway with me
Crime in the crypt
The donut trap : a novel
A certain appeal
Never fall for your fiancée
Anticipation : a novel
How to marry Keanu Reeves in 90 days
The painted castle
The Christmas dress : a novel
The perishing : a novel
Look for me and I
O beautiful :  a novel
Where they wait
The memoirs of Stockholm Sven
Grave reservations : a novel
The shadows of men : a novel
Murder at Mallowan Hall
The seventh queen : a novel
A marvellous light
The god of lost words
Mother of all
The collective : a novel
Out of my heart
Interrupting Chicken : cookies for breakfast
Hamsters make terrible roommates
The bald bandit
The empty envelope
The fastest way to fall
Just haven